What do I mean?

 Well, basically, “Turning the garden you’ve got into one you’ll love and enjoy even more.”

An established garden can become overgrown very quickly, (sometimes it feels like you only have to turn your back for a moment), and suddenly it has become a mass of greenery and little more. There are ways to bring these back to life; emphasizing the good stuff, reducing, removing or replacing the outdated or overpowering.

A brand new garden or an empty section can seem like a curse rather than an opportunity but a little imagination coupled with some common sense and experience can bring it to life in ways that are way beyond the ordinary. Sometimes it’s worth holding out for something more than, ‘average’.

Bill’s experience across the full range of grounds and gardens, varying in size from courtyard to parkland will make sure you get the advice you need, in your situation, about your garden.

You see, much of the time, clients neither need nor want a full blown Landscape design. They need a part or parts of it. Plant selection or advice, a general layout, a management plan, a new feature detail; sure there is a time and a place for the complete garden design service, and were happy to give it, but it isn’t that common. It’s a much more pleasant relationship to provide people with what they need – not necessarily with what they’ve been wrongly led to believe they should have.


  • Design Consultancy
    • Site visits informal and formal with verbal discussion, advice and
    • Garden design,
    • Planting plans,
    • Pest and Disease evaluation
    • Management planning,

                On site work and learn – learn about ground preparation, choosing plants, planting, Pruning care and maintenance, feeding while you work

Gather a group of friends for a day’s garden design course

Garden Design Course – Evening/Afternoon course dependent on participant numbers  (details link)