Our particular niche, (‘Tree Wizardry’, if you wish!), tends to the unusual, the intriguing and is generally associated with the reshaping of Trees, either singly or as groups, and helping their definition in gardens settings or larger ornamental spaces.


Consultancies, about Tree Condition, their maintenance and the production of associated reports; are carried out using ground based and climbed surveys as required.



  • Consultancy – includes
    • Site visits, formal and informal assessments of condition, risk, longevity and succession.
    • Production of reports associated with site consultations.
    • Planting plans.
    • Lectures and group talks.
    • Seminar attendance


  • Arboricultural practices.
    • Selection and planting of trees
    • Pruning, Reshaping, Dead-wooding, Crown cleaning/reductions/lifting, Dismantle and felling.



We have Public Liability Iinsurance to a level of $1,000,000

Bill has worked with trees in NZ and UK for 20 years.

He is a member of the New Zealand Arboricultural Association and the International Society of Arboriculture.


If you would like further or better particulars, please call,text or mail, and If Bill does not immediately answer he will return your contact in short order. He may be up a tree!


Trees are very important, not just for the environment but also in an emotional and psychological sense, for us. A landscape without trees is, well, stark at the best, plain soulless and ugly at worst. 

It is our responsibility as people, all of us), not just ‘Tree People’ to keep are trees and shrubs looking good, the knock on effect is that we feel better ourselves if they do.

So an appropriate amount of time should be spent contemplating tree work – the pros and cons – before we arbitrarily start chopping away. And on some projects that’s all we do – we advise (link consultancy)

While our Arboriculture and the associated Tree work still demands a fair bit of, ‘hands-on’ dangling from and removal of branches big and small, it is only after due thought that cuts are made.

We aim to leave something behind that is as beautiful as if we’d never touched it – maybe even better.